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Cameron Highlands.....

The tea is amazing!!!!!


Well i'm currently living it up in the cool...... sorry freezing!! Climate of the Cameron Highlands!!! Its so nice not to be hot!!! It a really similar climate to England because of the hills! I'm staying at Fathers Guest House Which is lovely.... its on top of a hill and its got a bar, resturant and internet!! Oh and a movie room!!! I'm also currently living in a dorm!! Which is a first! It really interesting.... the dorms are in old WWII bunkers!!!! I met a really nice lady called Barbie on the bus here who was teaching in KL for 3 weeks!! She was so nice... its was really nice travelling with someone from a different age group! (Hello if your reading).... Anyway most of the people in the dorms go to bed mega early and when you go in there all there with there head light on reading there books!! Its very strange.... i try my hardest to be quiet but those of you who know me will realise thats quite a hard task!!! Touch wood i haven't sleep talked..... so far!!!! (i don't think) Today i went on a tour of the a tea factory (tea is the main product from the highlands and it GOOD) And also for a walk through the mossy forest which was crazy... funnily its full of moss.... it was more like a hike!! The ground moves when you walk on it cos theres so much moisture! The view were amazing and the guide was so knowlegable about pretty much everything!!!! It was an awesome day!! Well this place is closing up now so i better get of the internet!! I'll blog again tomorrow.... loads more to say!!! Back to my silent night in the dorms!!! YAY!!!!

P.s The bbq sounded awesome Mike specially as Mark and co were there!! Sorry i missed it.... Thanx for all the comments it really nice to read!!

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On the move.....


Well i've left my big heavy bag in storage for 2 weeks and i'm heading off with my not quite so heavy rucksack!! I'm leaving today to go to the 'Cameron Highlands'.... here theres some jungle trails, waterfalls and mountains to go and explore so that should be fun!! The climates meant to be cool so that will be REALLY nice!! Its also where tea is made in malaysia and its meant to be some of that best!!!! After that i'm probably gonna go somewhere called 'Taman Negra'.... its sounds awesome.... its a huge jungle with heaps of stuff to do!!! Awesome!!!

Bye bye for now! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-):-)

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A New Country....

Kuala Lumpur!!!!


Well Bens home safe and sound and i'm all alone again!!! I got in to Kuala Lumpur this morning! It was a nightmare trip.... I left at about 10 yesterday morning on a mini van!!!! I had to change vans three times.... it was meant to ne a 'Super V.I.P Bus'!!!! Yeah right.... It was definatly not V.I.P!! Then i got dropped off somewhere called Butterworth and i had to wait about 5 hours for another bus.... It was really random.... The people kept saying the bus was stuck in traffic..... i'm doubt theres much traffic at 1 in the morning!!! I met a couple from liverpool who had an argument with one of the bus drivers cos they kept saying '10mins' when we asked how long till the bus! In the end we sort of forced our way onto a bus and gave them no choice.... i think we'd have been there all night if not!!! Got to KL at about 7 this morning after no sleep!!! I'm staying at a guesthouse called 'Wheelers'.... its pretty funny!! The rooms are like prison cells but they do the job... clean and safe!!! I'm staying in china town which is the main place i think!! Tryed to find the National art gallery today and got lost.... also went to get out 70 ringgit and took out 700!!! So the days going well!! I think i'll wait till tommorrow to do anything!!!
Hope everyones cool cool cool! Don't have a plan yet but i'll keep you all posted!

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Kayaking in Mangrove Forest.......

Lagoons, Kanyons and MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We have had an AWESOME day today!!! We went on a day Kayaking trip!!!! It was in the sea and around loads of Lagoons on a canyon!!


It was gorgeous!!! We were in a really nice small group and had a brilliant guide called Bart who was hilarious! It was a beautiful place it was called Mangrove Forest and it was like a forest but partly underwater! The highlight of the day was definatly the Monkeys!!


In one part of the 'forest' there are monkeys everywhere and they come on to your boat and we had pineapple and watermelon to give them!! The were so friendly! They came and sat on your lap or your shoulder!!


Some of them also had babys hanging on to there bodys!! It was amazing..... monkeys can swim too...... really well!! We got some great photo's.... fingers crossed! We also went to a little secluded beach for a swim!! When we had to paddle back the waves were quite rough and chucking us around!! It was super cool though!! We got an awesome lunch when we got back too!! Our arms are aching a bit now!!!! ;-) It was a brill day.... we loved it............ and we didn't capsize once!!!!!!!!

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Krabie, Krabie, Krabie

Nosey Parkers.........


Well well well!!!! What an exciting few days!!
The boat here from Koh Phi Phi was terrifying........ the sea was so so so rough.... water was coming through the ceiling and through the doors!! Our bags got soaked!! I even got my phone out at one point to text everyone to say goodbye ;-) ........ Maybe thats a slight exageration, but it was very bad!! The waves were huge and the boat was not at all stable!! (Dad...... i'm sure you'd of had a few words of wisdom for the captain!!) Well i was more than relieved to be back on dry land!! Krabie we decided was a bit Krappie!! So we are staying at a nearby town called Ao Nang which is by the beach and quite sweet its a bit like a margate..... seaside town but its cool!!! Were we're staying it awesome.... really friendly! On of the islands around this area was used in the James Bond film 'The Man With The Golden Gun' (The scaramongers island with od job!!!) We can see it from the see if from here but we haven't visited it! Ben wanted to go and see if one of the bond girls had been left behind! ;-) yesterday we went to an Elephant camp called Nosey parkers!! It was awesome!! We went and rode an elephant through the Jungle and we got to sit on the head (not as nasty as that sounds) The ground was really muddy and slippery but our elephant handled it well! :-) It was quite a long trek.... it went though a river.... the elephants just went whatever way they wanted.... it was real funny! after the trek we went and fed the elephants and watched them have a bath in the river!! That was really interesting... they went right under the water!! I never new elephants could swim!! ;-) We also went for a walk through the jungle and saw rubber trees!!! "Rubber doesn't grow on trees'....... well actually.......... it does!!! You can pick bits off and its just like a rubber band! Crazy!! It was a really nice day we met loads of cool people!!

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