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Well todays been an interesting one!!!! Last night i stayed up to watch the game at the hostel......... during every world cup match the first peson to the bar afer every goal gets a free jug of beer!!! And seeing as there were only 4 of us in the bar and 4 goals, well..... you don't need the be a scientist to work that one out!!!!! It was a late night and i had an early start.... still had to pack up and move out!!!! So this morning got up late..... suprise suprise, packed up and of i went, founf a couple from wales they didn't really know where they were going so they joined me got the sky train the got on a boat....... it cost 8 baht which is about 10 p and we got off at the closest point to Ko San road. It was a tiny river and it went passed all the slums.... the water was black and when another boat went passed....... you got wet!!!!!! The boat didn;'t really stop anywher near Ko San road so we started walking..... this really was an adventure of me and my Rucksack!!! I had one on my back and one on my front.... i was so hot and tired!! Then i started feeling dizzy and as i was crossing about 6 lands of traffic i threw up everywhere!!! It was not nice!!!! I felt so rough i think i had sun stroke!!! A police man told me off and made me go and be sick in a bush!!! It was quite funny looking back!! I still needed to find somewhere to stay!!!! Eventually found Ko San road after being sick a few more times, the welsh people left me a little while ago... i was obviosly a bit of a burden!!! ;-) Went to the first hostel i found and slept it off. Its really nice..... air-con/shower and bed.... thats all i need!!! Have just been for a wander up and down the road..... its so busy!!! Theres stalls everyewhere selling all sort!!!! Its awesome!!! Going up to Chaig Mai on friday can't wait!!!!!!!! Hopefully the'll be a bit of fresh air and somewhere to chill out!!!!!

Sadie Hurley Signing out for another excitings day in....... BANGKOK!!!!!

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The Smells, the heat and the rain!!!!!!!!!!


Well its about 9 in the evening here band it been an awesome day!!!! I've come to the conclusion that Bangkok is a desired taste, and not mine!!!! ;-) It really really smells, it has a constant black cloud of polution over it, its incredibly hot.even when it rains which it does!!!!!!!!! Anyway my first night at Big Johns was alright its not that busy and its a bit out of the way from the main backpacking road but oh well!!! Had an awesome day today......Went to the sky train.....its really cool, like the underground but above all the traffic!!!! Awesome!! Then i got a ticket on the Chao Phyaya River so i could go up and down/on and off as many times as i like!! I went to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho..... they were amazing......the Wat Pho is a 46m long and 15m high gold plated buddah!!! It was really cool... had to take your shoes off to go ion and in the grand palace i had to hire a sarong cos i had shorts on!! Some touts came up to me a told me it was closed but i'd been told about this scam........ THE GRAND PALACE IS NEVER CLOSED!!!!!!!! Anyway got the boet and Sky train back and when i got of the Skytrain i went the wrong way.......... and got lost!!!!!! Hilarious!!!! The the rain came really hard..........the the thunder came!!!!!! Then a little thai men came a pointed me in the right direction YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got back to the Hostel Soaking so i went for a shower then decided to try a thai massage.........it hurts!!! Its not very massagy it does make you feel relaxed....... afterwards!!! :-) Then i went for a bite to eat.... on my way back to the hostel in rush hour....... Bikes, cars and buses everywhere (by the way i've nearly been ran over about 6 time-i'm sure thats no suprise to those of you who know me well) Anyway in the middle of everything is a HUGE ELEPHANT!!!! A man was on top selling stuff! it was hilarious, the elephant didn't look very happy...... but then really......would you being taken from your natural habitat and dumped in the centre of Bangkok..... not nice for any1 let alone an Elephant!!!!!!! ;-) Anyway having an awesome time.....i love it!!!!!! E-mail me... i'm a bit lonely!!!!!!! ;-) xx

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I've arrived!

rain 50 °C

I've finally made it to Bangkok!!! It was a long and tiring journey!!! The flight from Gatwick to Doha {UAE) Was deleyed by about an hour so that meant i missed my connecting flight to Bangkok. So.......... I had to get a 6.30/7 hr flight to Ragoon in MYANMAR ( the country is at civil war at the mo so there were fighter jet taking off!) wait at the airport for 2.30 hrs..... the airport was not nice ants everywhere, flys everywhere! then this man came and took all our ticket and pasports, he was a air host so didn't worry too much, also we were all so tired!!! Then we all got a bit worryed when he didn't come back and thought we were gonna get kidnapped!!!! But then he came back with our bording cards.....wwwhhhwww!!!! He also brought us some mouldy cheese sandwiches and nasty tea!!!! So after our wait we got on yet another plane for an hour that took us to Bangkok!!! YAY!!!! I made some friends on the journey there were 4 of us. One guy was about 50 from jersey and was going on holiday withiut his wife for the first time he was hilarious!! He wouldn't stop talking about her, well it was more of a shout i hink he was a bir deaf....... and blind!!!! Then there was a girl i don't know what her name was, she was over for a 2 week holiday and then there was a guy called Chris who was meeting some friends in Bangkok. When we got to The airport we collected our luggage (which got there! How.... i don't know!!!) and went our seperate ways. I got a bus to my hostel which was good!! Its really raining here at the mo but still really really hot!!! Anyway i'm off to get some lunch and maybe my first thai massage!!!!!!

Bye Bye Speak soon

Sadie xx

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This Time tomorrow...........

sunny 16 °C

I'll be flying to Bangkok!!!

How Scary!!!!

This is my first entry in my travel blog!!! See you all in 10 weeks....... I'm just about packed and ready to go go go!!!!!!!

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