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Trekking in the Thai Jungle

Trekking, Elephant riding and Bamboo rafting..... AWESOME!!!!!!


Well what an awesome 3 day!!!! I've had such a good time!!!!! Where do i start!!!!!!???????

Started the trek on wednesday morning, The group were awesome.... we had a-

Hollandish Couple (personal joke)they were from Holland funnily enough- They were awesome......
Family from New Zealand we called the parents Mum and Dad the whole trek and they had two girls who were about 14/15- They were really cool.... very funny!!
An Aussie couple Niami and Brin... really sweet!!
Then Dom a girl from auss..... She is of her rocker.... really nice but crazy!!!! Dom's traveling on her own so were sticking toghether for a couple of days and meeting up with Brin and Naomi!
Our Trek guide was called Bond..... James Bond (not his real name obviously but its the only one we new!!!) he was Hilarious.... talked a load of *!*? but he was funny!!! About 4' nothing and an ex- thai boxer!!

So we started of our trek in the morning we were all picked up late by James Bond..... Suprise Suprise and started our journey into the jungle! We stopped to get some supplys for cooking etc..... We then went to a Water Fall in the Jungle it was amazing.... we all had a swim and a splash around!!! Its the coolest i've been since i got here.... NICE!!!!! The waterfall was so lush and the water was clean..... well it looked clean??? James Bond got a leach tho... is was crazy!!! After that we drove to the top of a mountain and started our hike down to the village.... It was incredibly hot!!!!! And it had been raining the night before so we were slipping and sliding all over the place everyone was wearing little trainers..... but not me... for once i was prepared with my trusty walking boots!!!! Didn't fall over once (well not at that point anyway ;-) It was a really hard trek then to top it of it started raining... Brrrriliant!!! Again i was prepared with my Kag in a Pack!! we finally got to the Village.... it was gorgeous really green with lots of little shacks everywhere... lots of pigs....dogs.... chicken and cats everywhere!!! Our rooms were hilarious a blanket on the floor with a moth bitted smelly pillow and sheet (i don't think they had ever been washed) I hadn't taken my sleeping bag with me..... unprepared :-/ We wear all really muddy and smelly.... we asked james bond for the shower.... it was the river out side!! There was a mini water fall..... that was our shower!!!! It was so cool and refreshing!!! Back to basics!!!! Once i got out of the 'shower' i realised i had unfortunatly forgotten my towel :-/ Whoops! So i had to burrow other peoples.... not as prepared as i thought!!!! We had some dinner.... then we had another down pour of rain.... The tribe village we were staying at was in a valley between the mountains so the rain came gushing through our shack.... all the guides had to make dams with mud to stop all the water flooding through! We were all so tired we went to bed early.... the sound of the river flowing was so loud it made you wan't the toilet all night long!!!!!!

The next morning we had a looooonnnngggggg walk ahead of us and it was HARD!!! It was up up up then down down down then up up up.... you get the drift!! We were all cream crackered and kept slipping and sliding in the mud!!! Most of it was along the side of a mountain so if you fell....... you were gone!!!! Scary!!! Anyway we finally got to the Elephant camp!!!! It was amazing!! The elephants are wild!! They're trained in the day and go back in to the Jungle at night! They go back every morning of there own accord!! One of them had a baby 2 weeks ago... it was so cute!!!! I went straight in with some pinapple..... they were all in the little river having a drink!!! We had lunch there while the elephants just wandered around us!!! We the got in the river with them and gave them a wash.... it was so surreal!!! There were 2 people to an elephant so i went with my new friend Dom..... who swears like a trouper!!!! It was fandabidosy!!!! We went on these elephants for about 2 hours throught the Jungle! We went up the side of a mountain back down.... through a river!! Our elephant was at the front and she was so hungry.... every 5 minutes she would stop and have some trees to eat!!! The elephants took us to a tribal village called 'Karen' it was really nice there was a huge river running through it and a rickety old bridge over it!!! All the local childeren were jumping of this bridge into the river which wasn't very deep!!!! I think they'd all just finised school!!! We went and found the sleeping arrangements for our night....... they were worse than the previops night..... it was just a blanket on a wooden floor! It was fun tho! After that we looked round for our shower and found out we were already looking at it the nice chocolate brown river in front of us..... nice!!! It was cold and refreshing tho so we had a little swim.... i'm sure we were dirtier after our 'shower' but it was a laugh and a half!!! ;-) Anyway that night we had some thai green curry which was real good, then sat round the fire and sang some songs!! There was a really strange man there that had one mini eye and one big eye!!! All he did was grunt and fall over.... one of the people from holland described him as 'less than 100%' they're so polite!!! We all went to bed pretty early cos we were so tired from the days trekking!!! But could we sleep...... nope!!!! We were all freaking out cos we could had strange noises and po\eople banging on the side of the shack..... in hind sight it was probable just the trek guides winding us up!! At the time we thought we were about to be kidnapped!! We all went to the toilet together and went for a hunt round the a surroundings to see if there was anything suspect..... we didn't find anything... not even the guide!!!!! All night lomg people were being paronoid about stupid noises.... me and Dom decided to win everyone up by banging on the floor.... you had to be there to find it funny but it was!!!! The next morning i felt like i'd been beated with a plank of wood..... the floor had been so hard!!! We got going on our bamboo raft's we were in two groups!! It was so much fun everyone got soaked in minutes!!! At some points it was a bit crazy cos we were going down huge rapids with these rafts.... banging in to rock falling out.... we had to repare our raft so many times! One time me and 'Dad' were at the back and everyone failed to tell us trhere was a huge branch ahead so everyone ducked in time and it throw us both off in to the river!!!! Everyone found it highly ammusing! We stopped of somewhere for a snack on the river!! The dogs there wwere horrid.... i felt so sorry for them they had huge groths on there faces and there skin was all scabby.... it was nasty!:-(
We were rafting and it was brilliant we swapped rafts and tryed to sabbatage them so they'd sink!! All the way along the river there were elephants and water buffalos bathing in the water!! It was a great experience and an awesome was to make friend!! I'd definatly recomend it!!!!

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Well today has been an exciting one....... i went for a Bungy Jump...... i Was crazy, i was sooooo scared, it felt like i was flighing!!!! Amazing!!! It was over a lake in Chiag Mai.... the views were amazing! It was 50 meters high.. Check out the site www.junglebungy.com!!!!
After that i went to the monkey centre..... i was the only person there i felt like a larry loner! It was quite good tho cos i got to play with the Monkeys and have them to myself!! One baby one stole my can of coke and drunk it.... then threw up everywhere!!! Bless :-/ Well i've got loads more to say but its really late and i've got an early start!

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Bens Guest House

sunny 29 °C


Well im now staying at Bens guest house..... What an appropriate name!!! Haven't 'blogged' for a while.... sorry!! Chiang Mai is really nice.... like a mini Bangkok but not quite so smelly!!! Bens guest house id\s really nice although i have found a friendly cockroch which occasionly likes to have a shower with me...... nice!!! Thats all included in the price apparently..... Bed, Bathroom, Towel and your very own pet cockroch..... all for the bagain price of 180baht... What more could you ask for!!! Well i have finally booked my trek.... i go on wednesday for 3 days... it look awesome check out the web site.... www.benguesthouse.com Look on the trek section at the 3 day 2 night one!!! You do some of the trek on foot, some on elephant and some on a bamboo raft!!!! How exciting!! You also go and visit the tribes up in the mountains... i can't wait!!!! Anyway yesterday i went to Wat U Mong.... very funny name! Its a temple where the monks live and meditate, its very peacefull, i'm afraid i wasn' enlightened tho!! ;-) Two monks showed me round and gave me a little talk it was really nice of them. one was a meditation teacher..... i was gonna try out a bit of meditation untill i found out you had to be quiet for large amounts of time..... i don't think so!!!! lots of people talk about getting ripped of Thailand but yesterday at the temple i asked a girl who was operating one of the taxi bikes (motorbikes that you sit on the back of.... like modern boda bodas- those of you who've been to Kenya!) how to get back to my hostel and she told me to get on..... so i didwhen i got to my destination i asked her how much and she wouldn't take any money..... although some people are just out to rip you of there are many people who are happy to help you, you just have to be carefull!! You shouldn't let just a few bad storys stop you from talking to the locals!! Anyway today is my planning day.... just working out what to do on what day and how to get there!!!! How organised... yeah right!!!! Anyway hope everyones well!!!!

Oh,i went to the night bazaar the other night.... it was fab i'm well beaded up for the rest of the year now ;-) Its huge there are stalls everywhere selling all sorts of things..... nanny would love it!!!!!

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Chaing Mai!!


Just a quick one!! Arrived in Chaing Mai safe and sound... the flight was sooo quick about 1 hour if that!!!! Anyway got to my Hostel its pretty good! Didn't get much sleep last night... people were really drunk last night running up and down the corridors and banging on doors!!! It was quite funny!!! I literally got about 45 min asleep!!!
As a result of this i fel asleep in the departures lounge while waiting to board!!! Luckily enough a french girl woke me up to tall me to get on the plan!!! Luck she did or i'd have probably missed it!!! She was really nice but staying in a different part of town! May meet up with her in a couple of days! Anyway hope your all well!

Blog soon!!!!

P.s Thank you so much for all your comments its really nice to have some messages to read :-)

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A Friend At Last!!!!!


Well today i've been pretty lazy just stayed local and wandered round the stalls on Khao San Road!! Met a friend..... yay!!! Shes going home tommorow but it was nice to have someone to wander road with for the day! We just went to a night market called Patpong 9 hit and out came the lady/boys, strippers everything!! I was given leaflets for ping pong shows, bannana shows..... well use your imagination!!!! It was quite funny tho!! In the end we came back here and had something to eat..... its really strange, after spending some time on your own its hard work to make conversation. She was a little strange aswell.... i think i attract them!!!! ;-) Anyway Chaing Mai tomorrow..... she had just got back from there so she was giving me tips on treks and things.... i'm really looking forward to Chaing Mai... hopefully its a bit more chilled that there!!! Anyway just a short blog today.... i need to go and pack!!!!

P.S Got my first Tuk Tuk today they are soooooo fast they really don't care... fun tho!!!!!

P.P.S I slept on the Air-Con control pad and turn it off along with the fan....... not a good idea... it was HOT!!!!!!!

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