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Vang Vieng

Rain rain go away.... come back another day!!!!!;-)


Well i've just got completely soaked on my way here!!!!! Its like a monsoon out there..... its nasty!!!! I can hardly hear anything the rains so load!!!!! I wewnt to get the bus to Vang Vieng this morning at 10.30 but because there wasn't enough people on it...... it was cancelled till 1!!! Luckily my pal Ruth and Sharon wanted to get the bus too so i had them to wait with!! The bus took about 7 hours it wasn't too bad the bus was cool!!! Unknown to us till we got there the route we took called 'Route 13' can be quite dangerous.... in 2003 11 people were killed by hijackers and 31 people were injured..... nothing majors happened since 2003 tho so..... happy days!!!! We survived ;-)!! I've been in vang Vieng a couple of hours and its really nice and chilled.... its also extreemly wet but i'm sure that'll pass!!! The three of us are sharing a triple room and it works out soooo cheap!!! I can't remember the name of the guest house but its really nice and cheap!!! Laos Is gorgeous so far..... i love it!!! Its still a bit undiscovered so its not too hard to get away from tourists!!! There are hills and mountains saurrounf\ding Vang Vieng so it really pretty!!! Tommorrow we're going to tubing.... i'm really looking forward to it.... should be awesome!!! I'll let you know how it goes!! I'm also gonna do a bit of caving while i'm here!!! Should be a good crack!!!!

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The Merry Guest house


Well i'm still in luang prabang..... just a short one!!!! Haviong an awesome time thins towns really nice a chilled.... made loads of friends here!!!! I'm staying at the merry guest house which is awesome.... really friendly!!!!! Anyway i'm just about to pop into the market to get some fruit and check out bargains!!! I really like Laos..... its really un-tourisy!!!! A definate must if you going to asia.... the moneys crazy.... $1 is 10,000 Kip..... its hilarious!!!! Probably going to leave here tommorrow and get a bus to Vang Vieng! There i can do some tubing and some caving.... very exciting!!! I've found this awesome little book store that shows movies every night at 7 upstairs.... it really nice theres cushions everywhere s you can just mong out!!!!! Hope everyones well!!!!!

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Luang Prabang

and the boat from hell!!!!!


Well i've finally arrived in luang prabang..... one of the towns in Laos!! After about 3 days travelling i'm soooooo pleased to get here!! I got a night bus from Pai to Chiang Khong (one of the border towns to Laos) The bus was meant to take about 6 hours but took about 8 or 9!!! It was so uncomfortable there was no way you could sleep on it!!! The driver was crazy!!! The whole way there he was downing cans of coffee!!! then he would stick his head out of the window and chuck a bottle of water over him self!!!! And every couple of hours he would stop at the side of the road and have a disco dose!!! It was hilarious!!! Anyway when i got to Chiang Khong after no sleep i got my visa for Laos...... Then i booked myself on to the Slow boat along the Mekong River to Luang Prabang!! It took 2 days..... 6 hours one day then you stop and a village for the night and about 8 hours the next day!!! On the boat i didn't sleep either it was the most uncomfortable time ever!!!! Made some friends on the boat so we all checked in to the same guest house...... it was the pitts!!!! I had a collony of ants in my room and later on in the evening i found a Kitten under my bed...... it was crazy! Also..... the toilet smelt like a rabbit hutch!! Nice! The electric in the town went on and off all through the evening and night.... it was crazy!!! Finally went and got some well need sleep!!!! The boat left about 8.30 this morning and got here about 5.30..... it was more uncomfortable than the first!!!! I contemplated throwing myself out!!! ;-) The views were amazing tho and it was a great experience..... i'd definatly do it again but maybe with a bit more sleep!! Anyway i'm now in Luang prabang safe and sound!!!!!

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Pai Paradise


10 on Sunday morning i got a bus from Chiang Mai to Pai!! The jounrney was interesting..... it was incredibley winding with sharp corners everywhere!!!! Met a load of people on the bus.... A girl from Holland a girl called Carly from auss and some English and american people! We all had lunch together and most of us booked in at the same place! The acommodation was fantastic! I had a Bamboo Bungallo..... it had a huge bed with fluffy pillows and a fluffy duvet!! The mattress was spot on!! You got botteled water free..... a bathroom at the back of your hut and a little balcony out the front of you bungallow!! The balcony had loads of huge pillows to lounge on!! All for the price of 2 pounds!!!! I couldn't belive it.... i looked at a hostel in town that was just a bed and a fan and it was the same price!! Pai is gorgeous.... its so chilled out... hippis are everywhere! Its a tiny town so you meet the majority of the people! Theres not alot to do here apart for sit around and chill out!! I hired a moped with carly yesterday to go exploring the surroundings...... We found a water fall which was beautiful but the ride up there was really nice you drove past all the rice paddys and little villages!! Last night we went to 'The Cajun Moon Festival' The music was interesting but the had fire throwing a dancing so it was quite fun.... after that we went to 'The Bamboo Bar' its right next to the river and made of bamboo...... hence the name!! Drugs are everywhere here in the bars you can get mushroom shake its crazy!!!!! Anyway tonight i'm gonna get a night bus to Laos.... this is the sort of place you could get stuck because its so easy!!! Anyway!!!! Speak soon!

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Cruising round Chiang Mai



Went we got back from our trek me and Dom checked in for another night at Ben Guest House.... we shared a room cos its so much cheaper!! We had organised to meet up with Bryn and Naomi to go and watch some thai boxing that night.... we decided to hire scooters so we could get round easier! it cost us 200baht each for 24 hours........ thats like 3 pounds!!!! Crazy! We had so much fun.... we went round everywhere on them... we definatly got our moneys worth!! We met up with bryn and naomi.... they jumped on the back and we made our way to trhai boxing! It was mad they're no rules! At one point one guy picked up his opponent and threw him out of the ring on to the concrete!!! How friendly!! It was a really good night tho!! The next day Bryn and Naomi hired bikes aswell our plan was to go and see a famous temple but apparently it really dangerous to go there on bikes so we changed our minds!! We went for a coffee somewhere to decide what to do for the day.... when i came out.... i'd got a ticket for parking illegally!! I was not impressed! I had to go top the police station and pay 200baht fine!!! On the way there we stopped to get some petrol!! Naomi came out and her eyes had gone all funny.... she couldn't stop looking up, it was really scary all we could see were the whites of her eyes!! We took her to hospital and i went to the police station! In the end it turned out she'd had a reaction to some medication she had for migranes!!! Scary stuff!! By that time the day was gone so we didn't really get much done!!! They all went to the train station to get a train to Bangkok!! I was all on my own again!! I've booked myself on a train to Pai for 10 tommorow morning.... how exciting!!!!!!

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