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I arrived in Cambodia yesterday morning the flight took about 45 mins..... crazy!!! Cambodia is gorgeous.... i love it!! It's really sad tho.... there is alot of begginhg..... its like nothing i've experienced! the kids hd on to you and don't leave you alone.......Í've started buying some fruit and taking it round with me so if a kid asks for money i give them some fruit..... its much better than giving them money!

Anyway i have started looking round Ankor Wat and all its temples..... its amazing!! The temples are beautiful! I can't really explain it without photos it just really nice!! The carvings on the walls and on the pillars are so intricate it must have taken years! Walking round is like being in a playground you have to clim around the rocks are all uneven and the steps and only a couple of inchs wide.... its very scary when your up high!!i would have loved to have seen it when it was originally built, it would have been even more amazing!! In some of the teples huge trees have grown in the middle and broken the the temple up.... all the rots of the trees have made the temples fall apart!!! As soon as you get to s temple or leave it you have about 10-15 children on you shouting '10 for $1'or something to that effect....... they are selling anything and everything!! You can't get away from them either it a bit overwhelming sometimes!!
Tommorrow i'm going to visit the floating village on the Tonle Sap!! Should be interesting..... the on wednesday morning off to the capital 'Phnom Phen'!!!

My guesthouse is really nice big rooms...... big fans!!! It nice and cool! Called Ivys Guesthouse!!

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The Plush Bus

To Pakse......


What can i say???? When i booked my ticket on the night bus i thought it would be like any other night bus...... hard seats hot and cramped... oh no!!!!!

This bus was amazing..... It had reclining seats with blankets and cushions, Air-con, you got dinner (which was good) and cold drinking water!!! If that wasnt enough.... as i was just getting comfortable the wide screen TV at the front of the bus buzzed to life to play............ HARRY POTTER!! Had all my christmases come at once ;-)

Well i slept really well and i'm now safley in Pakse..... My Flight leaves for Cambodia in the morning so i'm gonna go exploring for the day!!!

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Well i spent a day in the Capital city 'Vientiane!! It was nice enough.... not really much to do! Theres loads of building work going on there so i recon in a year or two that could change. Found a really good indian place so we ate there.... both night's!!!

Ruth and sharon are getting a night bus to Vietnam and i'm getting on to Pakse where i'm gonna get a plane to Siem Reap in Cambodia!! So back on my own from tommorrow!!!

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Hello everyone!!!! Bens coming out to visit me for three weeks..... how exciting!!! Its gonna be awesome, he's coming out in about 10 days so we can spend some time on the islands down the south of Thailand and do some snorkling and diving!!!! Its gonna be great!!!!


I'm just about ot jump on a bus to Vientiane..... the fun never stops!! ;-)

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Wow!!! Yestersay me, sharon and ruth went tubing!!!! We started at 1 and didn't get back till about 7..... oit was an interesting day!!!! As we got in the river at the start there was a great sign-


it was so funny..... i took a token picture of it so i can put it on here!!! The current of the river is really strong and theres about 7 bars along the river all shouting at you and throwing bamboo into the river for you to grap on to!! At about the third bar Ruth got stuck in some gunk at the side of the river so me and Sharron tryed to help..... it didn't work... there were arms and legs everywhere the man who owned the bar came in to the river and saved us.... he was obviously really desperate for buisiness ;-) At this bar there was a zipwire/swing thing in to the river........ We watched a few people do it then thought we'd give it a go...... what a mistake that was..... i got up there and my upper body strength was appaling... may have been because of the Beer Laos!!!! Imaging me doing a star jump horizontally into the water it was really funny but a bit embarrassing!! I think i pulled a muscle in my kneck and shoulder cos it really hurts this morning!!! Anyway it was all fun and games along the river..... we met this couple who were about 60 and the man had drunk way too much and i think he was on something too!! He fell off a chair in the bar and cracked his head on a rock... it was pretty masty but he was ok!!!! when we got to the end the currents were pretty strong and there was no one there to help you in so we just kept floating.... it was so scary!! We had to grab hold of reeths and mud to pull ourself up onto a bank we all cut our feet on rock as we were trying to get out...... it was naty.... we came out in someones back garden.... they were not impressed :-/ it was a fun day but you have to be really careful.... if we hadden't have stopped we'd have ended up in china!!!!! Just a few tips from what i saw.....

1- Have 3 beers maximum....... No more!!!

2- Don't take any drugs!!!

3- make sure you go with some friend so they can watch you back

4- Watch out for the end!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we hired bike and cycled to a cave.... it was really dark and scary.... i thought i was in some sort of horror movie!!!!! It was a good day tho!!! a bit knackered now after all that cycling!!!

I'm heading to Vientiane the capital of Laos tommorow!!! Exciting stuff!!! :-)

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