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Ben has arrived......

Late as usual!!!


Ben arrived on Sunday..... 2 hours late!!!! We've just been seeing the sights in Bangkok and planning our next 3 weeks! Tommorrow we're going somewhere called Kanchanaburi..... sounds pretty nice its got a huge waterfall and alot of history with WWII! Then we're going to get an overnight train to the island and do some swimming and diving!!! How exciting!! We can't wait!!!! Anyway thats about it for now...... hope your all well!

Blog soon!!!!! ;-)

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The killing fields and S-21.......

And the light house children!!!


last night there was a Huge storm.... it was crazy, all the roads were water logged a the thunder and lighning ws constant!! Very scary!! This morning i met up the german couple who i'd met in Siem Reap. We hired a Tuc tuc for the day to take us road for to see some things! First we went to the Killing Fields..... the roads there were all muddy so we had to walk some of the way cos the Tuc Tuc got stuck in the mud!! The killing field weren't very nice, there was still bones and clothes on the ground! There was a memorial there for everyone that was tortured and killed! There were thousands of skulls in a glass case.... they had been saved from the graves and put in the memorial. You could see holes and cracks in the skulls where they had been shot and beaten. Some bits were worse than others... there were two big trees... one was where they huge a huge speaker to drown out the noises of the prisoners being tortured and the other was where the children where beaten and killed. After walking round the field we went to S-21.... the school Pol Pot had turned in to a prison! It was nicked named 'the waiting room for death'! This was even worse.... the rooms still had the beds in that people ha been tortured in! The place was huge...... most of the room had pictures of everyone who had been captures.... (the Khmer Rouge took pictures of everyone as a record of who they had killed) There were also photos of the graves and people who hd died during the torturing! We had a guide to show us round who told us storrys about different things that happened! It was really sad walking around knowing what had happened in the rooms but it was good to see it!

On a lighter note....... after that we went to an orphnage called the light house children..... we brought a bag of rice and took it for the children.... it was so nice there was about 40 kids there and you can go and volunteer if you like!!


We stayed for a while and played with the kids i've got about 20 pictures that they drew for me! It was really cool!!


We went to the russian market next.... it was huge!!! I got lost.... suprise suprise! It started storming again (it still is now) and the market filled up with water in seconds... we had to waid through the water to get out!!


The roads were water logged it was mad everyone was rushing and people were falling of the motorbikes!


It was all go go go!!!!

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Kids By The Lake.........


In Phnom Penh i'm staying at a place called the floating island.... its really nice... its got two huge balcony/restuarant areas over looking the lake its awesome!! I met some girls when i got here who had tarted up a charity for the kids by the lake.... the meet the kids 4 times a week at the local mosque and teach them English and play games with them..... its really good.... the rely on the tourists in the area to give up a few hours to go and help! So on wednesday night i went down and helped out.... it was really nice.... there were loads of kids from 1-17!!!! It was good to go and do something worth while!!! If anyone goes to Phnom Penh then give a few hours and go along to help!!! There based at the shop called Visions!!!!!

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Fried crickets and spicy mango!!!!



Got the bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.... it took about 5 hours and the road was pretrty good. I wa the only westener on the bus so i was a bit of celebrity..... they were smiling at me then whispering.... it was really funny! At the half way point we stopped and they all brought real cambodin food!The lady next to me on the bus had bought some fried crickets..... i heard about them and when she offered one i thought it would be rude not to try it..... it was actually really good.... very crunchy11 I also tryed some mange that had been marinated is spices and chilli..... that was pretty good too!!!! They also so had a cambodian comedy shopw on the TV which they all found highly amusing!!!

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The Floating Village



I went to the floating village today on the Tonle Sap!! It was crazy.... all the houses are built on bamboo so they float on the water! There is everything you can think of..... a floating basket ball pitch..... floating schools..... a floating church.....flouting playground..... floating resuraunts....... even floating pig/crocodile and fish farms!!! I felt sorry for the pigs there pen was half submerged in water..... they didn't seem to be very good swimmers! There was even a floating hospital!!! Everything you could think of!!!! While i was there people were moving house..... literally! There houses were being pulled up river by boats!! It was funny!! Get this..... all the kids were sitting in buckets.... yes thats right buckets!!!! They had a stick as a paddle and they would float round begging for money or catching fish!! You have to see it to believe it!!! I got loads of photos!! I'm going to Phnom Phen tommorrow morning..... Exciting stuff!!!

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