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Deep dark in the depths of the Rain forest.............

there was a hide..........


Today we decided to do something crazy..... challenging and different!! We'd heard about things called Hides in the Jungle... were you can go and stay for the night and watch out for animals!! it cost us 5 ringitt for the night..... thats like 70p!!! Be being the organised person i am the two things i needed was walking boots and a sleeping bag.... which i left in KL!! So i went and hired them for the trip!! The hide was about a 6 hour walk or an hours boat ride then an hours walk!! You can guess what one we went for!! The boat was awesome.... we were travelling up rapid in this boat.... we were all totally soak it was a great ride!! It took us right in to the rain forest! it was great fun!! When we got to dry land it was like something from a horror movie.... the was a small run down resort..... the toilets had been taken over by animals and the wood was all rotten! We were all standing on the decking of this hut waiting for someone to go to toilet!! Me being my usual self saw a bit of decking which looked really rotten so i went 'hey guys.... look at this its really rotten!!' Toucked it with my foot and but a bit to much weight on it.... well you can guess what happened next..... my foot went straight through the floor..... and it hurt!!! I've got a beautiful bruise round my thigh..... everyone found it hightly amusing!!!! After that we started our hour trek........ throught the jungle! It was awesome!!! The photos will explain it better!!! It was just a really good experience!! The only bad thing was the leeches.... they were everywhere.... we had to have a leech check every 5 minutes!! They are nasty!! When we got to the hide it was great!! It looked like a hut on stilts!! On one side was a look out it to the jungle!!! it was great!! There was about 7 of us in the hide!! We'd Brought lunch before we left..... i got fried rice with chicken which didn't taste great!!! We explored the surrounding area for a while then got safely in our hide for the night!! The jungle noises were so amazing!! Someone in our hide had been growled at by a lion on there way there.... scary stuff!! We took it in shift to stay up and keep a watch for animals!!! We played load of games of shit head to keep us up!! my shift was till about 3!! I was feeling pretty rough from my dinner and at about 2 it decided to come back!!! It was not pretty..... i was throwing up for about 30 minutes!! I was so ill..... it woke everyone up.... whoops!! I was ok after i'd been sick!! but it was not nice at the time!!! I went to bed after that.... i was knackered!! On my shift i heard monkey and i big rustle..... i recon it was a elephant.... and about a hundred fire flys!!!! In the night we were attacked by rats..... they stole our food and rubbish and ere funning round our bed!!! we also had a few lizards fall in to our room aswell!!! It was alot of fun!!! The walk back was pretty painless!!!! Apart from one of the guys we were with decided to swing on a vine which asn't attached to anything.... not a good idea!!! That didn't look very comfortable!! Well a briliant few days was had by everyone!!!! Not long till i'm home now!!!!!

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Hi Sadie
hope you sre enjoying your last few days in KL,have a safe journey home looking forward to seeing you Wednesday
nanny and grandad

by starose

being quiet in a hide for several hours......hmm.....it was doomed to failure really wasn't it!
We're all looking forward to seeing you and wish you a safe and enjoyble (or at least comfortable) journey home.
Love from all at 3BA

by Plunker

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